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There's Something About Mary.

MARY BARLEY is first and foremost a lover of life and defender of the planet. Fishing, the Everglades and Islamorada, some cherished friends, along with a slew of critters at her home, bring her joy and that infectious smile to her face.

A visitor since the 1970s, a property owner since 1986, Mary became a full-time resident in Islamorada in 1998 a few years after her husband, George, lost his life in a tragic airplane crash. She loves our town and will bring a sharp mind, pragmatic discipline, and eyes for the future to the Village Council.

It was neighbors and business owners who approached her to think about running for a seat on the Council. She gave the question thoughtful consideration, studied the path the Village was on, and agreed she could and would make an important difference.

Mary is honest and patient when patience is needed. She’s spent a lifetime serving something larger than herself. In the trenches, there are no attagirls or platitudes. The work is often tedious and grueling. But that’s exactly what it takes if you want to succeed – often against all odds.

She's modest about accolades and will likely cringe at this description - yet every word is the truth, written by the people who know her best. 

We have put our faith and trust in Mary for several decades and she has never once let us down. We are confident she will do the same for you, too. You will be proud to call her Councilwoman.

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