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Florida Bay's Life

Over the past three decades, Florida Bay has been the focal point of intense conservation efforts aimed at preserving its delicate ecosystem. Situated at the southern tip of Florida, this unique marine environment has faced numerous challenges and threats.

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Eyes on the Future

Mary Barley is first and foremost a lover of life and defender of the planet. Fishing, the Everglades and Islamorada, some cherished friends, along with a slew of critters at her home, bring her joy and that infectious smile to her face.

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Thoughts from Mary

"The environment is Islamorada’s economy. I’ve always known it. And as the Everglades go, so goes Islamorada.


Not only does the Everglades provide us with our drinking water and Florida Bay with the freshwater it needs to survive, but it also drives our region's $20+ Billion tourist economy and is home to a biodiversity not found anywhere else in the United States. 


Once you have experienced Islamorada, the Florida Keys and America's Everglades, your life is forever enriched."


Village of Islamorada

Water. Our economy is based on water, clean and abundant. Water feeds our fishing, our diving, our tourists, and us. Water keeps us alive and preserves the beauty of our incredibly magical vistas.


Too often these ties are left out of the conversations surrounding water policy in Florida. Our economy, our way of life, and our future hang in the balance – so everything surrounding water must be a top priority of our Village’s governance and mindset.

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The Florida Keys

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